Hi there! I'm Isadora, a user experience designer passionate about all aspects of human-centered design: empathizing with users and stakeholders, defining and solving problems, prioritizing features, prototyping, usability testing, and UI development. I'm skilled in collaborating with globally distributed agile teams. I have technical expertise using software for developing UX strategy, visual design, and coding for UI development. I also recently began my Salesforce Trailblazer journey (Trailblazer Profile).
I live in NYC with my family (husband, toddler, 2 cats, 8 fish, 19 shrimp, and 7 snails). I enjoy participating in local events, and championing issues of diversity, equity, and inclusivity. (I'm an active member of several business resource groups at my company.) I have volunteered for animal welfare organizations in the US and Brazil, and have also volunteered as an English tutor. I love outdoor adventures, traveling, and learning about other cultures.
Want to get in touch? Feel free to reach out via social media: